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Inside the WUDwork with Mimi Le

Meet Mimi Le, Our WUD Associate Director of Education and Orientation for Alternative Breaks!


Year: Senior

Major: Nursing Major with a Leadership Certificate

Why did you join WUD Alternative Breaks?

I joined after serving as a site leader on the 2018 Atlanta Winter Break trip because I loved my experience, and wanted to make my own impact to the committee. I was selected as the Associate Director of Education, and through my site leader experience, I felt confident that I could help create a more comprehensive orientation system with the help of the other Alternative Breaks directors for this school year.

What made you want to become a site leader?

My parents were refugees from Vietnam, and when I learned that Alternative Breaks was sending a group to Atlanta to specifically work with the International Rescue Committee and the Atlanta refugee community, I was instantly drawn to the trip. Then, I decided to take a hold of the leadership role of a site leader because I felt confident that I could help guide and further educate the UW trip participants in the week-long service trip since I was very passionate about the cause, and had my own personal experiences with the refugee crisis due to my family background.

What is your favorite part of WUD Alternative Breaks?

My favorite part about being a part of WUD is definitely the support system that all of the committees have for each other! I didn't realize how large of a community I would have through WUD, and it has been great meeting so many new people on campus.

What does WUD mean to you?

To me, WUD means community. As stated above, the WUD committees are all so friendly and supportive of each other, and it has been so nice to get to know so many new people that I might not have met without being a part of Alternative Breaks. The socials that WUD creates to get the committees to get to know one another has been really helpful, and I am excited to see what the rest of the year as a part of WUD and Alternative Breaks brings!

What would you tell someone who is thinking of joining WUD Alternative Breaks?

I would emphasize that it has been the highlight of my senior year at UW Madison so far! Not only would you be able to help impact other people's lives through planning the trip, but you also get to work with people just as passionate as you are for various social justice causes around the country. This has been my favorite part about being a part of Alternative Breaks because the people make the committee great, and it motivates me to continue being an active citizen within our local Madison community, as well as all around the nation.

What is your favorite place in the union?

My absolute favorite place in the union is Strada. I am a huge fan of pizza, and could honestly eat their personalized pizzas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I love that place so much, and would recommend it to everyone!

To learn more about WUD Alternative Breaks or how to become a trip leader, visit their website or Facebook page.