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Inside the WUDwork with Fernanda Martinez Rodriguez

Meet Fernanda Martinez Rodriguez, Our WUD Publications Director!InsideTheWUDWork3

Year: Senior

Major: Art History, Religious Studies and Middle East Studies

Why did you join WUD’s Publications committee?

I joined Illumination, one of PubCom's 7 publications, during my freshman year. I love writing and I wanted to find a community with similar interests. I actually didn't know that Illumination was part of PubCom until a few weeks into my role as Digital Editor with the journal!

What made you stay in WUD?

During my first year working with PubCom, Illumination became the light of  my life -- I breathed, ate and dreamt the journal --, so I decided to run for Editor-in-Chief the following year. As Editor-in-Chief, I had the opportunity to be fully involved in the activities of the Publications Committee, recognizing areas of improvement along the way. I knew that I wanted to continue being part of this community during my senior year, so I applied for the Publications Committee Director position. Throughout the years I've decided to stay in WUD because participating in PubCom has not only helped me set goals, but it has also allowed me to fully immerse myself in my passions.

What is your favorite part of WUD?

There is a very particular sort of pleasure that comes with opening the first box of magazines as they come back from the printer -- it's like finding hidden treasure! Flipping through each magazine makes you realize that the voices of many talented students on campus are vibrating together through a beautiful, industry-quality outlet that you helped create. There is nothing more humbling or rewarding than that.

What does WUD mean to you?

I associate WUD with opportunity. As an international student of color, finding my place on campus was daunting, but WUD gave me the chance to be part of a diverse community of people who value creativity and hard work. Being part of Directorate also allowed me to join Union Council and participate in the renaming of The Play Circle and Main Gallery in Memorial Union -- an experience that allowed me to understand the history of our university and help make the Union a more inclusive space. When I got to Madison, I didn't think these were opportunities I could have, but WUD gave me all of them.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of joining WUD?

Do it! You will grow as a holistic human and develop as a leader, but most importantly, you will make your best friends and memories in our campus' most beautiful building, right by the lake!

What is your favorite place in the union?

That's a hard one. It's either the stairs leading up to Memorial Union's main entrance, because the ceiling is absolutely stunning, or the small terrace outside of Main Lounge on 2nd floor. It's the perfect place to people-watch without being seen (and it's not as noisy as the actual terrace)!

To learn more about WUD Publications, check out their website and Facebook page.