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Inside the WUDwork with Nick Munce

Meet Nick Munce, Our Vice President of Internal Relations!

Nick2Year in school: Senior
Major: Computer Science

How long have you been a member of WUD/Hoofers?

"I've been a member of WUD only since last April."

Why did you join WUD/Hoofers?

"I joined WUD because it represented an incredible way to build unity on our campus. Now, more than ever, it is vital to build campus community through any avenue possible -- be it a lecture, art exhibit, film, or discussion. WUD is uniquely positioned on campus to do this, as we bring life to the beautiful facilities that lie on our North and South sides. Beyond this, I greatly enjoy developing student leaders and helping them bring promising concepts into well-executed initiatives."

What do you do in your role with WUD/Hoofers?

"I am the Vice President of Internal Relations for the Wisconsin Union, a role that holds a variety of responsibilities. I am one of the Officers of WUD, our student programming board. I plan development initiatives for our student leaders, help them execute events, and chart our group's direction and goals for the year. I am also a member of Union Council, a shared governance board that makes policy for the Wisconsin Union. Within this group, I chair the Program and Leadership Development Subcommittee, a group of staff, students, and faculty that create policy to enable our student leaders to succeed. Finally, I am a Trustee of the Wisconsin Union Association, a non-profit, educational corporation that represents over 90,000 lifetime Wisconsin Union members. In this capacity, I interact with the Association to enable programming that WUD lacks resources to conduct, as well as serving as a voting member for all Association business."

What is one of your favorite experiences from your time at WUD/Hoofers?

"One of my favorite experiences in my time at WUD was the development of our Fall Leadership Retreat. We start each year with a blank slate -- a canvas for us to place our mark on. Throughout the summer, the Officer team collaborated deeply with the staff in order to develop a learning experience that was beneficial to all of our student leaders. Integrating feedback from our participants and past experience from the staff members into a single, cohesive experience was an incredibly rewarding experiment in the Student-Staff partnership." 

Why is WUD/Hoofers special to you?

"WUD is special to me because of the work it does to make this campus a home. Students come to this institution wondering how to do college, and oftentimes struggle to adapt. Our organization extends this campus beyond the classroom, offering learning experiences in all facets of personal development. A Political Science undergraduate can debate international trade policy at one of our Society and Politics meetings alongside a Theater graduate student and a Professor of International Studies. This is truly unique opportunity. Further, all along the way, students are driving the development, planning and execution of these events. In the end, this organization provides the infrastructure for student leaders to shape their campus and community -- a truly invaluable opportunity." 

If there was one thing you could make sure everyone knew about WUD/Hoofers, what would it be?

"I would want everyone to understand the leadership opportunities that exist within WUD, regardless of position. The execution of well over 1000 events per year provides abundant opportunities for students to take active roles in the planning and execution of concerts, debates and music shows. This is a place that invests time and resources in growing student leaders. If anyone has an interest in growing outside of the classroom, they need not look further than Wisconsin Union Directorate." 

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