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Inside the WUDwork with Lillie Levin

Meet Lillie Levin, Our WUD Film Committee Marketing Associate Director!

Year in school: SeniorLillie Levin
Major: Rhetoric/Communication Science with certificates in Digital Studies and Environmental Studies

How long have you been a member of WUD/Hoofers?

"This year is my third year in WUD Film, and I have been an Associate Director for two of those years."

Why did you join WUD/Hoofers?

"I joined WUD Film to join up with other folks on campus with a passion for movies. Sarah Sapiro, our director, was one of my first and closest friends at UW, and we joined WUD Film together sophomore year after attending consecutive days of the Marquee Film Festival. We thought having a hand in what plays on campus was an incredible opportunity."

What do you do in your role with WUD/Hoofers?

"My role in WUD Film is to head our marketing efforts and spread the word about our screenings. I manage our social media accounts, our 7000+ recipient weekly email blasts, our website, and our Google calendar. I hope to inspire excitement over our films from the general community, but also from within the committee. " 

What is one of your favorite experiences from your time at WUD/Hoofers?

"One of my favorite experiences from my time at WUD is from last year, when I was the Associate Director of Audio/Visual (i.e., I made our trailers). After growing my skills in video editing throughout the year, my final trailer premier on our large Marquee theater screen was so memorable. I was proud of many of the trailers/mashups I made, but that one was among my favorites. I don't think I would've had the same opportunity to create and have exposure for my creations if not for that position in WUD Film.

Why is WUD/Hoofers special to you?

"WUD is special to me because many of the friendships I've grown outside of WUD started with a conversation in a WUD setting."

If there was one thing you could make sure everyone knew about WUD/Hoofers, what would it be?

"I think I'd like everyone to know about each of the unique WUD committees/Hoofers clubs upon joining, and that it is possible to be involved in multiple committees/clubs at once. You don't have to pick one interest over another!"

To learn more about the WUD Film Committee and their events and involvement opportunities, check out their website and Facebook