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Inside the WUDwork with Iffat Bhuiyan

Meet Iffat Bhuiyan, Our Wisconsin Union President!

Year in school: SeniorIffatBhuiyan
Major: Community Environmental Sociology and Environmental Studies 

How long have you been a member of WUD/Hoofers?

"I have been part of WUD for two years."

Why did you join WUD/Hoofers?

"I wanted to take on more responsibility, serve a wider audience of students, and make an impact on campus."

What do you do in your role with WUD/Hoofers?

"I oversee the Wisconsin Union Directorate, the Union's programming board, chair Union Council the Union's governing body, and further the organization's mission by working with students and staff."

What is one of your favorite experiences from your time at WUD/Hoofers?

"My favorite experience in WUD is the retreat in the beginning of the year. I love seeing so much passion and excitement from the student leaders of the Union."

Why is WUD/Hoofers special to you?

"WUD is special to me because it is the only place on campus where students are given full autonomy to make high-level decisions and make an impact on campus."

If there was one thing you could make sure everyone knew about WUD/Hoofers, what would it be?

"WUD is a unique organization, and it is where I was able to find a community and family on campus. I encourage students to take advantage of the hundreds of events that take place in the Union to explore this large university."

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