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Inside the WUDwork with Gretchen Trast

Meet Gretchen Trast, Our Vice President of Internal Relations!

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Year: Senior

Major:  Community and Nonprofit Leadership, Rhetorical Studies

How long have you been involved in WUD? 

4 years

Role in WUD & brief description of what you do?

This year I am the Vice President of Internal Relations where I support the committees (Directors, Associate Directors, etc) with their programming and create professional development opportunities for WUD folks to attend!

Why did you join WUD?

I joined WUD as a DLS committee member because I was looking for a space that I could exist in just to learn about myself and community in an interdisciplinary way. I wasn't able to access and learn about narratives around social justice within my classes so that's why I joined DLS to bring activists to campus and have conversations around social justice issues with my peers.

Favorite WUD related memory?

When I met my favorite author Margaret Atwood in spring 2017 and Angela Davis kissed me on the cheek on April 16, 2018 (never forget)!!!

Any wise advice to people not involved in WUD?

If you want to have a professional experience that at its core is about fostering a learning environment, come right over to Memorial Union or Union South. You're missing out!

Favorite food at the Union?

My favorite food is the Caprese grilled cheese at the Rathskellar.