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Inside the WUDwork with Emily Bian

Meet Emily Bian, Our Global Connections Committee Director!


 Year: Junior

Major:  Journalism, Graphic Design, and Digital Studies 

How long have you been involved in WUD? 

I have been in WUD since the start of my sophomore year!

Role in WUD & brief description of what you do?

I am actually part of two committees: Global Connections and Publications Committee. I serve as the current GloCo Director, and our committee aims to provide fun, immersive experiences through which our student community is able to learn more about various parts of the world! I am also in MODA Magazine, which is housed underneath PubComm, as the Social Media & Marketing Director! MODA is UW-Madison's signature lifestyle and fashion publication.

What is your favorite part of WUD?

My favorite part of WUD is being surrounded by likeminded students, even though we all come from such diverse backgrounds and identities. WUD has given me the opportunity to develop teamwork and critical thinking skills that no class could ever teach me.

Favorite WUD related memory?

....when Ingrid brings candy to Directorate meetings

Any wise advice to people not involved in WUD?

Join now before it's too late!!

Favorite food at the Union?