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Inside the WUDwork with Daniella Byck

Meet Daniella Byck, Our WUD Publications Editor in Chief of The Dish!

Daniella2Year in school: Senior
Major: Journalism

How long have you been a member of WUD/Hoofers?

"I joined WUD my first semester freshman year. I started as a section writer, transitioned into an editor role my junior year and then stepped into the Editor in Chief position this year. WUD, PubComm and The Dish have constantly been a part of my college experience."

Why did you join WUD/Hoofers?

"I’ve always been drawn to both food and writing. The Dish was the perfect opportunity to combine both. I figured it would be an enjoyable side hobby, especially during a time period when I was unsure about what I was going to study. That fun pastime soon turned into true passion. The Dish is where I fell in love with both culinary journalism and Madison’s locavore food scene."

What do you do in your role with WUD/Hoofers?

"As Editor in Chief of The Dish, I get to play a role in each facet of the magazine. This semester has been focused on rebranding our aesthetic and rebuilding our online presence. At the forefront of those processes I have the opportunity to lead the brilliant staff team and work with contributors to ensure that everything we are doing furthers that vision. There are also plenty of moments where I find myself doing something unexpected simply because it needs to be done - sometimes that's where the best content comes from!"

What is one of your favorite experiences from your time at WUD/Hoofers?

"I’ve always been a longtime food magazine fan and the first time I saw my name in the byline of a print edition was surreal. But that’s probably my second favorite experience. My favorite experience is watching others have that moment. Especially with the newest print edition. The work of creating a magazine is most worth it when I am watching our writers, photographers and layout team take ownership over their craft and proudly share what we have built."

Why is WUD/Hoofers special to you?

"Being a part of WUD has inexplicably shaped my identity and opened my eyes to a community of motivated, inspired students. Without The Dish, I have no idea if I would be studying Journalism, thinking about food journalism as professional path, or even feeling the same strong connection to this school and city. Furthermore, I’ve gotten to be a part of a team that pushes me to learn from their talent and to think bigger. There are few places where all of those important moments can happen under the umbrella of a single group."

If there was one thing you could make sure everyone knew about WUD/Hoofers, what would it be?

"WUD gives students an opportunity to do something they perhaps did not think was possible at this stage in their life. Maybe that’s curating an art exhibit, organizing a film festival or publishing a magazine. WUD makes it happen. It doesn’t matter how long you have been a part of WUD: our staff at The Dish is made up of longtime members and fresh faces. This is a supportive community that is focused first and foremost on passionate people."

The fall issue of The Dish is available now so pick up your copy today at the Union!

To learn more about the WUD Publications Committee and their events and involvement opportunities, check out their website and Facebook