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Inside the WUDwork with Collette Badora

Meet Collette Badora, the Associate director of the sett for the music Committee!

Collette WUDwork


Year: Junior

MajorCommunication Arts: Radio, TV, Film

How long have you been involved in WUD? 

This is my 2nd year.

Role in WUD & brief description of what you do?

AD of the Sett: I am in charge of making sure the concerts at the Sett run smoothly and assist anyone that needs help running their show.

Why did you join WUD?

I love Music and I knew that this club would be a great opportunity to explore the industry.

Favorite WUD related memory?

Booking my first artist. Everyone in the club is supportive and everyone is happy for you!

Any wise advice to people not involved in WUD?

WUD is full of opportunities for every one no matter your interest. Try out a WUD committee that fits one of your interests and watch yourself grow!

Favorite food at the Union?

Daily scoop ice cream