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Inside the WUDwork with Brennan Bahr

Meet Brennan Bahr, Our WUD Music Committee Deputy Director of Marketing!

Year in school: SophomoreBrennan Bahr
Major: Strategic Communication

How long have you been a member of WUD/Hoofers?

"I have been a member of WUD for two years!"

Why did you join WUD/Hoofers?

"I joined WUD Music because I wanted to combine my love for music with my growing interest in business and marketing. After going to a bunch of kick-off meetings for other student orgs, WUD Music stuck out to me because of its emphasis on allowing students to have hands on experience and to be in control of the programming they wanted to bring to campus."

What do you do in your role with WUD/Hoofers?

"My currently serve as the Deputy Director of Marketing for WUD Music, helping to let the world know about our amazing, free concerts. This upcoming year I will be serving as the Vice President of External Relations for the Wisconsin Union Directorate."

What is one of your favorite experiences from your time at WUD/Hoofers?

"One of my favorite experiences with WUD was my first concert I booked! My Freshman year I was able to bring one of my favorite rappers, Noname, to The Sett. We distributed tickets for the even which ended up selling out. I was kinda freaking out, seeing as I had never ran a show before and was worried about having to manage all of these people. The day of the show pretty much the entire WUD Music committee came to help up, either scanning tickets, setting up barriers, and giving me encouraging hugs. The show ended up being amazing, and I left that night feeling like I had finally found a community at UW that I belonged and could thrive in."

Why is WUD/Hoofers special to you?

"WUD is special to me because it has allowed me to find a place on campus where I feel I belong and can grow. I was blown away when I first joined about just how much agency and control students had over what they wanted to see brought the the union. This coupled with the warm, welcoming environment I found in the Music committee really made me feel valid and supported, finding not just a club but a family.

If there was one thing you could make sure everyone knew about WUD/Hoofers, what would it be?

"There is something for everyone! There are 10 different WUD committees and 6 Hoofer clubs, each with vastly different activities and programming. All of these clubs and committees are full of passionate people who not only want the best for the Union, but the best for all of their members."

To learn more about the WUD Music Committee and their events and involvement opportunities, check out their website and Facebook.