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Inside the WUDwork with Ansley Laev

Meet Ansley Laev, our Hoofer Outing Club President!  

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Year: Junior

MajorGender and Women's Studies, Classics and Italian Certificate

How long have you been involved in WUD? 

Since my freshman year, 2017

Role in WUD & brief description of what you do?

Hoofer Outing Club President- managing all of our club leaders, organizing programming, and leading trips of my own when I have the time!

Why did you join WUD?

Over the summers I lead outdoor trips through Camp Manito-wish, and when I came to college, I realized I was craving that outdoor time and like-minded community of folks during the school year. I love that Hoofers is evolving into a place for people of all backgrounds to come and engage with the outdoors. My favorite part of the Outing Club is its catch-all nature, providing the space for truly anyone to make anything happen.

Favorite WUD related memory?

Jumping in the lake last May to celebrate Outing Club's executive board turnover... it was SO freezing but SO fun. No hypothermia to report.

Any wise advice to people not involved in WUD?

WUD has so many unique leadership and programming opportunities. More than anything else in which I've been involved in my life, this is where I have grown the most as a person. This is where it all happens! Join us!

Favorite food at the Union?

Strada Artichoke Pizza