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Inside the WUDwork with Carlo Romagnolo

Meet Carlo Romagnolo, our Publications Committee Director!

Carlo WUDwork

Year: Senior

Major: Finance, Investment & Banking, Management, Risk Management & Insurance

How long have you been involved in WUD? 

3 years

Role in WUD & brief description of what you do?

WUD Publications Committee Director

I oversee and coordinate the operations of 6 magazines and journals. We have won several prizes and awards throughout the years and I am working to ensure the same standards of excellence throughout this year. We also do programming, both as a committee and as individual magazines. Some events include poetry slams, chats about travel, fashion week, and a variety of collaborations.

Why did you join WUD?

Because It seemed like a good way to get involved while making a difference.

Any wise advice to people not involved in WUD?

To get involved because no matter what you like, there will be something for you!

Favorite food at the Union?

Strada's pizza after a long day.