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Inside the WUDwork with Samantha Schiereck

Meet Samantha Schiereck, our Hoofers Scuba President!


Year: Junior

Major: Evolutionary biology with a classical studies certificate

Why did you join Hoofer’s Scuba?

I had gotten Scuba certified in high school and I wanted to continue diving when I got here. My sister had found this club and was on the executive board and she recommended I join.

What made you stay in WUD and Hoofers?

I love the atmosphere of the club and the people that have been in it and also the people that the club and Hoofers as a whole attracts. Also, I’ve had slouch amazing experiences diving with this club and diving in general and I want others to be able to feel the same way.

What is your favorite part of WUD and Hoofers?

My favorite part of Hoofers is that the goal of the clubs is to get people active and outdoors in a way that makes it really accessible to students.

What does WUD and Hoofers mean to you?

To me Hoofers is a place where people with similar interests can come together and have a good time being active and doing the activity they all enjoy. It’s also a great place to make new experiences and make new connections with people that have similar interests but come from a range of backgrounds.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of joining WUD and Hoofers?

For someone interested in joining Hoofers I would say it is definitely worth it. For all the clubs there’s such a wide range of experience levels that there really is something for everyone. It’s so much fun getting to participate in an activity you love while with other people who are just as passionate about the activity as you.

What is your favorite place in the union?

My favorite place in the Union is probably Mendota Lodge. There’s usually quite a few Hoofers members to interact with as well as an amazing view of the lake right outside the doors.

To learn more about Hoofers Diving, visit their website and facebook page.