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Inside the WUDwork

Learn more about the work that goes on in WUD and our amazing leaders and members who help make it all happen!

December 4

Inside the WUDwork with Gretchen Trast

Meet Gretchen Trast, Our WUD Distinguished Lecture Series Director!

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November 28

Inside the WUDwork with Farhat Bhuiyan

Meet Farhat Bhuiyan, Our Wisconsin Union Vice President Of Internal Relations!

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November 7

Inside the WUDwork with Mills Botham

Meet Mills Botham, Our Wisconsin Union President!


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October 31

Inside the WUDwork with Samantha Schiereck

Meet Samantha Schiereck, Our Hoofers Scuba President!

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October 23

Inside the WUDwork with Mimi Le

Meet Mimi Le, Our WUD Associate Director Of Education And Orientation For Alternative Breaks!

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October 3

Inside the WUDwork with Fernanda Martinez Rodriguez

Meet Fernanda Martinez Rodriguez, Our WUD Publications Director!

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September 26

Inside the WUDwork with Tanvi Tilloo

Meet Tanvi Tilloo, Our WUD Society And Politics Director!

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April 26

Inside the WUDwork with Shelby Herring

Meet Shelby Herring, Our WUD Alternative Breaks Committee Education and Orientation Associate Director!

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April 19

Inside the WUDwork with Brennan Bahr

Meet Brennan Bahr, Our WUD Music Committee Deputy Director of Marketing!

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