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Learn more about each of our unique publications below!

The Dish

The Dish is WUD Publications' first and only food magazine. We bring features, restaurant reviews, recipes, and foodie news to the table for the campus area-- via the blog our website. Our goal is to inspire students to get involved in the rich food community of Madison, utilizing the local ingredients that are so abundant in our city to create college-friendly recipes that anyone can cook. We hop to expand restaurant palates beyond pizzas and burgers!

Questions? Interested in getting involved? Contact The Dish’s Editor in Chief at thedish@union.wisc.edu.


Emmie is WUD Publications' music magazine, covering everything from local concerts to new records, and popular music culture. Emmie discovers, complies, and promotes a diverse selection of music to serve university students and the greater Madison area. Our publication unites a community of music lovers and supports talented artists. Emmie is not only about making a great magazine for our audience—it also provides a rich learning experience for its staff. Check out our website featuring the latest issue and other fresh content.

Get your music in Emmie
If you are a musician and would like to be featured in Emmie, please email us with your information and/or mail a press kit to our mailing address. We have a large reviews section featuring mainstream, independent, and local artists, so feel free to mail us a copy of your music.

Questions? Interested in getting involved? Contact Emmie’s Editor in Chief at emmie.wudpublications@gmail.com.

Fade In

Fade In is WUD Publications' screenwriting collective.
Do you have a good idea for a movie or TV show? Have you ever wanted to write a screenplay, but didn’t know where to start? Do you want to meet other people like yourself and have a blast learning together? Fade In gives creative people like you a place to play. Join our meetings during the academic school year to network with other ambitious screenwriters and help each other learn the tools it takes to craft a successful script.

Questions? Interested in getting involved? Contact Fade In’s Coordinator at wudpublicationscommittee@gmail.com.
***Fade In is inactive for the 2017 spring semester


Illumination is WUD Publications' literary journal for undergraduate students. The the mission of Illumination is to provide the student body of the University of Wisconsin-Madison a chance to publish work in the fields of humanities and to display some of the school’s best talent. As an approachable portal for creative writing, art, and scholarly essays, the diverse content in the journal will be a valuable addition to the intellectual community of the university and all of the people it affects. 
llumination prints a beautiful journal each semester, hosts a series of open mic and art events, and recently expanded coverage online with cultural pieces and interviews with campus members. Submissions for the print journal open at the start of each semester, and students interested in becoming a part of our staff are welcome to apply to join at any time.

You can find out more at our website, uwilluminationjournal.com or by contacting the Editor in Chief at Illumination@Library.wisc.edu.


Moda Magazine is WUD Publications' life and style magazine. Moda strives to bring style to the forefront of campus in an innovative and accessible way with both print and online content. Our sections include Fashion, Lifestyle, Social, Arts, and Men’s, which we cover on a local, national, and global scale. We are a passionate team of students who work to achieve a professional standard that inspires and influences our readers’ personal relationships with style. Moda publishes daily online content that includes work by not only staff writers and editors, but also numerous contributing writers. It also produces one online Mini Issue each month, which includes content from each section as well as a main photo shoot.
Aside from online content, Moda publishes two print issues per year—one per semester—that are distributed throughout the UW–Madison campus and greater Madison community. It also hosts UW Fashion Week (UWFW) each year, a weeklong event that includes speaking events and social gatherings, and culminates in the UWFW Fashion Show.

Questions? Interested in getting involved? Contact Moda’s Editor in Chief at moda.wudpublications@gmail.com.

Sifting and Winnowing

Sifting and Winnowing is UW-Madison's undergraduate journal of political science, public policy and law. Sifting and Winnowing showcases undergraduate writing submissions from political science and other relevant fields, and was founded upon the idea that research and debate are essential components of democracy. Authors whose submissions are selected will work with our editing staff and professor reviewers to enhance their arguments and bring out the best in their writing.

Interested in getting involved or submitting your work? Contact our editorial board at siftinguw@gmail.com and keep an eye out for our call for submissions.


Souvenirs: A Collection of International Experiences is printed once a year, showcasing a wide range of photographs and writing submissions. Souvenirs features stories, poetry, and pictures from UW students' experiences of studying, working, and living abroad. Whether you are currently abroad, or now living in Madison, we are interested in hearing about your adventures! International students at UW are encouraged to share their experiences as well. Souvenirs also features resources and information on studying and being abroad.

Questions? Interested in getting involved? Contact Souvenirs’ Editor in Chief at henschel2@wisc.edu.

UW Flash Fiction

UW Flash Fiction (UWFF) is an online publication that features short works of fictional prose or poetry that are 1000 words or less written by UW–Madison students. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to hear about the latest updates. You can also subscribe to the blog through RSS and email subscriptions. Submissions are due every Friday by 11:59pm. Editors and reviewers are always welcome to join. Check TITU for meeting times and locations.

Questions? Interested in getting involved? Contact UWFF’s Editor in Chief at uwff.wudpublications@gmail.com.


The Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology (JUST) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a bi-annual research journal written and administered by undergraduates with the help of faculty, staff, and graduate advisers.

JUST is dedicated to showcasing and disseminating undergraduate excellence in science and technology research.