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Print issues of all our publications are distributed throughout the UW-Madison campus and greater Madison community to showcase the amazing talent possessed by our team. Grab a (free) copy, or ten!

Our latest Spring 2020 issues are up and online too.  Click on each magazine below to check out the latest issues.  

Our Magazines & Journals

  • WUD Publications released its first-ever Summer Issue, "Community" now LIVE! This issue is our first collaborative issue, worked on by all 6 magazines and an amazing team that never got to meet in-person. Community provides a platform for different perspectives on how this theme relates to music, global food cultures, the criminal justice system, travel, poetry, & more. 

    Click on the cover below to read the issue! 


  • Moda Magazine is a premier fashion & lifestyle publication. We bring style to the forefront of campus through our writing in Fashion, Lifestyle, Culture, Arts, and Men’s Wear on a global scale. We house a passionate team of photographers, illustrators, and designers that inspire our readers through high-quality content in our website, monthly digital issues, and biannual print issues. We also host UW Fashion Week (UWFW) each year, a weeklong event that includes speaking events and social gatherings, and culminates in the UWFW Fashion Show.

    The opportunities at Moda Magazine are open to everyone. We welcome students of all backgrounds and work to facilitate growth in each of their passions. To learn more about Moda on our website or contact our Editor in Chief at

    Take a look at our Fall 2020 issue below (available in PRINT & DIGITAL). 
    Screen Shot 2020 11 18 at 6.53.40 PM

  • Emmie is the ultimate music magazine, covering everything from local concerts, to new records, to popculture, we discover, compile, and promote a diverse selection of music while supporting talented artists and uniting a community of music lovers. Emmie is not only about making a great magazine—we also provide a rich learning experience for our staff. 

    We also have a large reviews section featuring mainstream, independent, and local artists, so if you are a musician and would like to be featured in Emmie, please contact our Editor in Chief at

    Check out our Fall 2020 issue below (available in PRINT & DIGITAL)!

    Screen Shot 2020 11 18 at 6.55.22 PM




  • Souvenirs is a collection of travel experiences published in a biannual magazine and year-round blog. We feature stories, reflections, poetry, listicles, photographs and artwork, all of which are submitted by students, for students. Whether you are currently abroad or have been abroad in the past, we are interested in hearing about your adventures! We also feature resources and information on traveling focused on college students, so drop by our website before planning your next trip!

    If you’d like to submit your work or know more about or magazine, please contact our Editors in Chief at

    Check out the Fall 2020 issue below (available in PRINT & DIGITAL). 
    Screen Shot 2020 11 18 at 7.56.47 PM

  • The Dish is an industry-quality food magazine for college foodies on a budget. We highlight Madison’s culinary culture through recipes, profiles and feature pieces, but most importantly, we give you a scoop of the local food scene!

    If you’re in the mood to get hungry, visit our website, and if you’re willing to share some recipes, contact our Editor in Chief at

    Check out our Fall 2020 issue (COMING SOON)!


  • Illumination is an award-winning lit mag that provides a beautiful space for students to publish their poetry, short stories, essays, photography and artwork in a print issue and online blog. We publish work from students of all majors, in all languages.

    Be bold—check out our website, get involved, or get in touch with our Editor in Chief at

    Check out our digital Fall 2020 Staff Zine below!

    Screen Shot 2020 11 18 at 6.59.03 PM

  • Strive is a public policy and op-ed magazine that allows students to use their voice to shed light on some of the most challenging topics of the day. Formerly known as Sifting and Winnowing - Strive continues to encourage thoughtful and rigorous discourse that will enable community members to expand their intellectual flexibility. Our new website enables students to publish and engage with ‘quick-hitting’ policy write ups that relate to recent events in the news.  

    If you're interested in politics, research and writing, contact our Editor in Chief at

    (Publication on-hold. Please contact Director with any questions.) 

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