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Day 9 of Black Voices Amplified


Taryn Finley provides a guide to the crucial role documentation plays in police abuse or misconduct. The process of recording, aftercare, and alternatives to calling the police are all important pieces of enhancing community safety.

"What should I do if I witness police committing violence?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. It’s no secret that the current system that is supposed to hold police officers accountable largely protects them rather than the public they’re supposed to serve. This is especially true when the victim is Black or brown. 

So if we can’t truly police the police, what can be done?

The most effective way to check the police is through community efforts... people ― especially those who are white ― need to get uncomfortable with leaning on 911, because it puts people who are disempowered ― especially those who are Black ― at risk."

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