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Day 5 of Black Voices Amplified


Sophia Abrams discusses the daily microagressions that black folx face, especially here at UW-Madison and primarily white institutions. Educating yourself on the ways to make your language, environment, and spaces more inclusive is necessary for eliminating covert racism that permeates America.

"As the whole world is waking up to slavery’s repercussions and understanding how racism continues to plague our world, it is vital that people understand the profound implications of language contributing to a culture that is complicit in the degradation of Black people. People need to think about why there are so few Black people in various spheres of their world. For example, it is no mistake that Black students at PWIs are in so few white student organizations— it can be unsettling and taxing. If Black students have free time, do they really want to subject themselves to more scrutiny?" 

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