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Publications Committee Director
Carlo Romagnolo

Finance Associate Director
Anis Sabirin Binti Abdul Hakim

Creative Associate Director
Max Homstad

Marketing Associate Director
Simran Jain

Programming Associate Directors
Michelle Thomas & Lindsey Winterhack

Publications Committee Advisor
Jen Farley 

Get In Touch
Memorial Union
800 Langdon St.
Madison, WI 53706 | Twitter | Facebook

Moda Editor in Chief
Lauren Chung

Emmie Editor in Chief
Geordon Wollner

Souvenirs Editor in Chief
Paige Strigel

The Dish Editor in Chief
Lauren Anders

Illumination Editor in Chief
Hajjar Baban

Sifting & Winnowing Editor in Chief
Emmett Sexton

Committee Meetings
Our Executive Board meetings are closed to the public. 
If you want to get involved in the committee or with a publication, contact the Publications Committee Director.