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The Publications Committee of the Wisconsin Union Directorate celebrates creativity on campus by providing hands-on experience in publishing, editing, writing, and artmaking. Through the publishing of our 7 student-run journals and magazines, we provide a creative outlet for UW-Madison students interested in creating poetry and prose, reporting on music and fashion, or delving into research in science and public policy. We also offer lectures with established authors, an annual literary festival, and we co-host events such as UWFashion Week and Yule Ball!

Our publications include:

  • Moda, premier fashion and lifestyle magazine, founder of UW Fashion Week.
  • Emmie, print magazine and blog focusing on the local and national music scene.
  • The Dish, the only local foodie magazine targeted towards college students on a budget.
  • Souvenirs, original photography and articles from students who love traveling and cultures.
  • Sifting and Winnowing, the journal of political science, public policy and international law.
  • Illumination, literary journal publishing creative writing and art from students on campus.

Read more about each publication, and find out how to get involved!

All events and publications sponsored by WUD Publications Committee are free of charge and intended for UW-Madison students, faculty, staff, Union members and guests. Don’t miss out, grab a copy (or ten)!

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Carlo Romagnolo, Director

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Committee Meetings 

Weekly Meetings: Thursdays, 6:00pm
Check TITU for room location

Please contact the PubCom Director for info on Editorial Board Meetings, and meetings of individual publications.

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Upcoming Events

November 8th | 8:00pm

The Gatsby Gala

Put on the ritz for an extravagant night of dancing, live music, food and more. Open to all of campus!