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Deep Into The Surface: A Look Into Southeast Asia

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  • wud gloco DITS FCI 21 0830 01

Welcome to the Deep into the Surface Week focusing on the intersectionality and diversity of Southeast Asia.

We are excited to share this new event series and to have the opportunity to explore this continent through a week of unique programming from our WUD committees.

Our aim for this week is to explore multiple cultures, regions, and communities in an interactive way. In preparation for this event programming, we have taken time to ensure to present this material accurately and respectively.

We acknowledge this is not a complete and comprehensive exploration of Southeast Asian culture and politics and we would not be able to properly showcase the depth and complexity within one week.

However, as the title mentions, we will be delving deep into the surface and better yet only scratching the surface of groups of Asian culture and politics. We look forward to learning from the community and look forward to seeing everyone there!

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