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Art En Route Project

Art En Route will curate a cutting edge exhibition through the junction of public art and public transportation in Madison, WI. This project will pair creative writers with visual artists to create uniquely commissioned works of art. The final, collaborative works will be photographed and installed on the exterior bus wraps of various Madison Metro Transit buses.

CALLING ARTISTS + CREATIVE WRITERS in the greater Dane County area. 



Art En Route is proposing an opportunity to exhibit uniquely commissioned collaborative works on the exterior bus wraps running across various Madison Metro Transit buses. In the fall, 2017, each pair's final collaborative work will be presented in an Art en Route exhibition in one of the Wisconsin Union Galleries.  

For more detailed project description and way to apply, please visit our website artenrouteproject.com

Who is proposing this project? 

Yusi Liu (Director, WUD Art) and Alex Polach (Associate Director of Development, WUD Art) are the two project architects for Art En Route. After over six months of project development, community building, grant writing, and subsequent project pitching, Yusi Liu and Alex Polach are ready to steer Art En Route out of the theoretical and into reality.   

Yusi Liu is a third-year undergraduate student from Beijing, China, studying Classics and Art History. Yusi is the Director at Wisconsin Union Directorate Art Committee (WUD Art). She loves art, and she does some photography and curation. In her spare time, Yusi loves traveling, hiking, and tea tasting. 

Alex Polach is a senior Art History student from Minneapolis, Minnesota. More specifically, Alex’s studies focus on Chinese art history and studying Mandarin. Alex is the Associate Director of Development at WUD Art. Despite a busy schedule, she can always find time for cooking and enjoying a walk on the frozen lake.  Alex pitched the idea of Art En Route to WUD Art after a summer of interning in Athens, Georgia where their music oriented, bus shelter design project called "You, Me, & The Bus" caught her attention. 

This year, it has been both their goals for WUD Art to expand the artistic interactive experience with art for all community members.  Art En Route is making that possible on a large, community-wide scale.