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Support Voting on Campus

The Social Justice Hub Voting Team provides an opportunity to learn about the voting process in Wisconsin and helps campus members become educated voters, register to vote, and go to the polls during early voting and on election day. 

Interested In Joining Our Campus Voting Team?

Fill out our interest survey or email us!

Come to Voting Team Meetings

be trained to register voters!

1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month
during the academic year
7:00 pm
in the Social Justice Hub (Union South second floor)

Calendar of Events

Voting Team Leaders

Angela Maloney - Lead Staff
Makayla Pesch - Assistant

Voting Resources 
Absentee Voting at UW-Madison August 3 - August 6
(for all City of Madison voting)
  • UW-Madison Union South
  • UW-Madison Memorial Union
  • UW-Madison Health Sciences Learning Center
Partisan Primary Election Day - August 11

Presidential Election Absentee Voting: October 17 - 30
Presidential Election Day - November 3



It's Not Too Early To Request An Absentee Ballot For The August Election!

(Remember To Request a Ballot For The Address You Will Be Living At On August 11)

                                Questions About Registering, Voting, or Requesting an Absentee Ballot? 

                                                                                 DM Us Your Questions

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