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Thank you for your interest in getting involved at the Social Justice Hub!

Below are the current opportunities to get involved at the Social Justice Hub. We are always seeking to grow and develop programs to meet students' interests, so please email us if you have an idea for getting involved that we haven't listed below. 

Once you have reviewed our involvement opportunities, please let us know of your interests. A Social Justice Hub staff member will then reach out to you with details on how you can get involved in the specific areas of the Social Justice Hub that you are interested in.

Please email with any comments, questions, or concerns. 


Action Teams

Join an Action Team or form a new Team to directly work on an issue area of your choice!

We currently have  Criminal Justice Reform, Food Justice, and Housing Equity teams. Please check the corresponding website for information for each team if you’re interested in joining. We invite those who are enthusiastic and can be part of the team being active. 

If you're interested in forming a team, please see our Action Team page. Forming a team is an excellent way to pursue direct action on a social justice topic you are interested in and to spread knowledge on campus about that topic. Action Teams receive up to $250 to cover approved team costs. 

Internal Work

Important work needs to be done To Support the Hub in order to make students' ideas into a reality and to allow our projects to run more smoothly.

Our Social Justice News benefits from writers and researchers of topics of interest. We will provide you with guidance on this.

We also have internal work such as marketing, internal operations,  data entry, and more.

Dialogue-Based Workshops

The Social Justice Hub has educational workshops that are offered to students, faculty/staff and organizations on campus by request.

Along with that, our Education team can use assistance in researching, editing/reviewing completed workshop packages, and facilitating these workshops. If you would like to learn more about the workshops, please see our website.


As a "Hub," we are always seeking to make connections across campus.

If you are interested in helping with outreach and connections, you could become a liaison between the Social Justice Hub and another group on campus (most likely a group you are already involved in, but you could join a new group, too!). You could also help us contact organizations on campus and in the Madison area to look for opportunities for collaboration. 

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