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Education Programs

The Social Justice Hub provides a variety of education programs.

Dialogue-Based Facilitator Workshops are offered each semester. These offer opportunities to learn, share from peers, and use interactive, dialogue-based communication.

Dialogue-Based Workshops are intended to provide participants with opportunities to learn, discuss in small groups, reflect, and leave with concrete tools and ideas to create positive, socially-just change.  The list of workshop offerings can be found here.  If you are interested in requesting a workshop fill out the form here

Dialogue-Based Workshops are intended to be continuously modified and updated to improve the effectiveness, accuracy, and clarity of the presentation. With the intention of always improving our educational sessions, feedback is highly desired. 

Peer Facilitator Training develops campus members and the broader community to  facilitate the Hub’s Dialogue-Based Core Workshop Series. 

Please email us with any comments, feedback, or questions.