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Education Programs

The Social Justice Hub provides a variety of education programs.

Dialogue-Based Facilitator Workshops are offered each semester. These offer opportunities to learn, share from peers, and use interactive, dialogue-based communication.

  • Evenings 5:30 - 6:30 PM on Mon, Nov 16; Mon, Nov 23; Tues, Nov 24 
The Social Justice Hub facilitator training series is a free, three-part training for those interested in further developing their facilitation skills. The training emphasizes the principles of facilitation of learning through dialogue. The Social Justice Hub Facilitator Training is open for students, staff and faculty.  The series is provided by Jay Ekleberry, a long-time UW-Madison campus facilitator, and Renata Jaeger, Social Justice Hub Education Coordinator. With these workshops, the Hub team aims for participants to learn social justice critical thinking skills and strategies for leading equity-focused dialogue in their communities and beyond. If you have further questions, please email Social Justice Hub Education Coordinator Renata Jaeger, Register for the Social Justice Hub Facilitator Training:


Dialogue-Based Workshops are intended to provide participants with opportunities to learn, discuss in small groups, reflect, and leave with concrete tools and ideas to create positive, socially-just change.  The list of workshop offerings can be found here.  If you are interested in requesting a workshop do so here

Social Justice 5-Minute Training
Are you passionate about social justice? Are you hoping to incorporate social justice into your organization meetings? Are you hoping to expand your knowledge? Well, Social Justice Hub's 5-Minute Social Justice Training can help! These 5-Minute training, topics listed below, are intended to provide interested individuals opportunities to self-learn by discussing in your small groups, reflecting as you choose, and leave with ideas to create positive, socially-just change. 

Dialogue-Based Facilitation Tools

Please email us with any comments, feedback, or questions.

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