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 Spring 2018 Speaker Series



The Daily Stoic

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April 18th 6:30-8:30pm Memorial Union (TITU)

The JLC is a proud to present Mr. Ryan Holiday. Holiday is an an author, entrepreneur, and an editor for the New York Observer.  His best selling books discuss how to use stoicism and other philosophies as opportunities of growth. This lecture will focus on his best selling book, The Daily Stoic  and how to use meditation and philosophy to live a more happy and resilient life. This talk includes a Q and A and a 30 minute reception.

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Mobile Workshops

The JLC is proud to start more personalized and tailored workshops to all student organizations on campus! Mobile Workshops allow any student organization to have an interactive JLC workshop that fits the organizations goals and objectives. These workshops (FREE for all students!) will help students develop their leadership skills to better the campus around them! Schedule a workshop today!


What is the Empower Leadership Series?

Empower Leadership Series

The EMPOWER Leadership Series is a series of workshops that provide an opportunity for personal growth, knowledge acquisition and skill development through engaging presentations, interactive groups discussions and breakout sessions. 

This series includes workshops that will EMPOWER participants to...


ASPIRE to recognize how values, goals, identity and emotions influence leadership practices.

  • Program 1: What is Authentic Leadership?
    Participants apply the authentic leadership model and assess their leadership skills so that they can develop and maintain positive transformative relationships.
  • Program 2: What Makes you Tick?
    Participants identify core values and learn how values drive decision making and behavior so that they can articulate values, and ensure that they behave in accordance with their values and act in an authentic way with peers and groups.
  • Program 3: How to Be Your Best Self
    Participants recognize how the different elements that shape their social identities can affect perceptions and relationships so that they can maximize their personal effectiveness when working with others.
  • Program 4: Self Awareness in Groups
    Participants seek, evaluate and incorporate feedback regarding their behavior in groups so that they can grow as individuals and become more effective leaders. 


CONNECT with others to foster positive change and contribute to our global society.

  • Program 8: Leadership and Followership
    Participants explore vulnerability in leadership and assess their ability to create inclusive, supportive environments at any level within a group so that they can develop and participate in high quality relationships.
  • Program 9: Highly Developed Teams 
    Participants explore how effectively managing task conflict contributes to the functioning of highly developed teams.
  • Program 10: Validation 
    Participants recognize how validation fuels leadership development, assess the readiness of their organization to support the development of others and create an on-going plan so that they might cultivate leadership in others.
  • Program 11: Allyship
    Participants enhance their ability to build effective and sustainable coalitions, organizations, and/or movements by seeking to understand, support and advocate for non-dominant groups.


SHARE ideas across multiple modes of communication and engage in meaningful conversations and actions with others.

  • Program 5: Butting Heads with Style 
    Participants recognize and assess different types of conflict and explore healthy and effective ways to deal with conflict
  • Program 6: Giving and Receiving Feedback – Like a Boss 
    Participant recognize the importance of feedback, practice giving and receiving effective and specific feedback and discuss how to be inclusive in the feedback process.
  • Program 7: Finding Understanding 
    Participants recognize how personal biases effect communication and practice building consensus while honoring different values and perspectives.


TRANSFORM problems into opportunities and visions into reality.  

  • Program 12: Public Narrative 
    Participants recognize storytelling as an act of leadership so that they can effectively use their own stories to motivate others to action.
  • Program 13: Adaptive Leadership 
    Participants explore Adaptive Leadership as a tool to help individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments.
  • Program 14: Managing Transitions 
    Participants practice practical strategies for minimizing disruptions caused by organizational change, using Bridge’s Transition Model to clarify purpose, plans and how organization members can play a part in their changing surroundings.
  • Program 15: Collective Impact 
    Participants understand the underlying premise of collective impact and that no single organization can create large-scale, lasting social change alone and practice strategies to effectively coordinate their efforts and work with others around a clearly defined goal.