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A Look at Wisconsin Union Member Events

Posted: 05/17/18

A Look at Wisconsin Union Member Events

Hearts Drafts attendees

We, at the Wisconsin Union, appreciate each and every one of our more than 90,000 Union members. We are honored that our story is part of their stories and grateful for their support and all that their contributions make possible.

For these and so many reasons, we work each and every day to ensure our members know how much we value them. One of the ways in which we aim to ensure our members know they’re special to us is by providing special events created with them in mind. With these events, we also endeavor to enhance membership value while providing unforgettable experiences.

“It seriously makes me happy to the core to help make these events possible,” Membership Manager Dawn Dever said. “It's the best part of my job, engaging with members and providing ways for members to connect and remember that this place is special.”

Continue reading to learn more about recent and upcoming member events.

3rd Annual Hearts and Drafts, Feb. 11
Hearts Drafts chocolatesAround Valentine’s Day for the past three years, the Wisconsin Union membership team has held a Valentine’s Day-themed event perfect for members looking to celebrate the people they care about. This year, 177 people attended the 3rd Annual Hearts and Drafts, a craft beer and chocolate pairing event. Held in Varsity Hall in Union South, the Union team filled tables throughout the expansive space with rows of chocolate treats. Each table featured a recommended chocolate and beverage pairing.

“The chocolate-covered bacon really caused a buzz,” Dever said.

The event also included live music by local band Brass Knuckles, a brass quintet with percussion.

An attendee said this when asked about the best part of the event, “Making some new friends and of course, beer and chocolate. Learning about some new beers we had not tried before."

Wine and Paint at Wheelhouse, March 9
On March 9, 72 people started their weekend by creating a masterpiece at the Union’s Wine and Paint event at Wheelhouse Studios, the Union’s in-house art studio. An artist guided members and guests through the steps to create an Impressionist painting of Terrace chairs. At the end of the event, participants were invited to take home their newly created masterpieces as beautiful décor and a reminder of their evening with the Union. While painting, attendees were served wine and snacks.

“This event sold out within 48 hours,” Dever said. “This was priced at least $10 below other similar events in the area, and people had a lot of fun.”

One member said this of the Wine and Paint event, “The artist leaders were fun and helpful, and the wine was good.”

Upcoming Events
The membership team is hard at work all year long creating these and other events and specials. Upcoming events include:

  • Wine and Paint Night at Allen Centennial Gardens, June 15
  • Wisconsin Crafts, Aug. 6
  • Beer and Cheese 101, Aug. 13
  • Brews & Bites, Sept. 15

Learn more about these and other upcoming member events here. If you have any questions about these events, please contact Dawn Dever at

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