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Mental Health Awareness

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If you are a student struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone.

UW-Madison Has Free Resources For You

University Health Services
333 East Campus Mall
Drop in: 9 am – 4 pm


Contact UHS

Other Options For Immediate assistance:

  • Journey Mental Health 24-hour hotline:    (608)-280-2600
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:          (800)-273-8255
  • 24-Hour Crisis Service (UHS):                       (608)-265-5600 (option 9)



How you can Help Other Students

Learn the 10 common warning signs*

  1.  Feeling sad or withdrawn for more than two weeks

  2. Trying to harm or kill oneself or making plans to do so

  3. Severe out-of-control risk taking behaviors

  4. Sudden, overwhelming fear for no reason

  5. Not eating, throwing up or using laxatives to lose weight

  6. Seeing, hearing or believing things that are not real

  7. Repeatedly using drugs or alcohol

  8. Drastic changes in mood, behavior, personality or sleeping habits

  9. Extreme difficulty in concentrating or staying still

  10. Intense worries or fears that get in the way of daily activities

*According to National Alliance on Mental Illness


This Social Awareness Spotlight  is brought to you by the Wisconsin Union's Engagement Inclusion & Diversity (EID) committee.  

Information on this page and graphics is adapted from National Alliance for Mental Illness, University Health Services & Journey Mental Health.

Location: Memorial Union Union South

Cost: Free

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