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Campus Farmer's Market Take and Make Bags

Introducing a New At-Home Dining Experience  

 A Campus Farmer's Market favorite has returned! 

From March 26th to April 16th, we'll be releasing a new recipe each week for you to take and make at home! Pre-order your bag ahead of time for Friday pick-up and kick-off your weekend with a fresh, home-cooked recipe. Each bag is $10. 

Each recipe will be a unique, easy-to-follow entree or side that's fun and delicious for chefs of all experience levels. Check back here each week for updates on recipes, including follow-along videos. 

To see recipes from Campus Farmer's Markets past, click here


What's In the Bag

  • Recipe Card 
  • Ingredients to Make Recipe at Home* 
*You may need kitchen essentials such as oil, butter or a broth of your choice 


How It Works 

  1. Pre-order Your Bag: From Monday to Wednesday, pre-order your Take and Make on the Grubhub app through the Campus Farmers Market unit from 11-7pm. Don't have the Grubhub app? Order in person at Urban Slice on Wednesdays! 
  2. Picking Up Your Bag: Pick up your bags at Urban Slice on Fridays, any time between 11-7pm. You must have a green Badger Badge for access into the building. 
  3.  Take, Make & Enjoy!

Week 1 - March 26th: 

Bruschetta and Garlic Crostini 

View Full Recipe 



Week 2 - April 2: 

Garden Vegetable and Feta Quinoa Cake 

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 Week 3 - April 9: 

 Vegetable Strata 

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 Week 4 - April 16: 

 Summer Sunset Wraps  

View Full Recipe

Check Back Soon for Video Tutorial! 


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