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Outdoor UW

Outdoor UW provides Basecamp with office support and equipment use.

Wisconsin River Outings

Wisconsin River Outings specializes in guided trips, canoe & kayak rentals and shuttle service on the Wisconsin River (with 2 locations, in Boscobel and Sauk City). They provide Basecamp with a discount on canoe rentals and shuttle service for canoeing and camping trips.

UW-Madison Division of University Housing

The Division of University Housing offers top-notch residence halls, programming and other valuable resources to students at the University. University Housing supports Basecamp through sponsorship of the first morning breakfast.

Center for the First-Year Experience

Starting college is a big step, and the Center for the First-Year Experience is here to help you make the transition smooth during your first year on campus.

Want to be a Co-Sponsor?

Interested in helping support Basecamp? Contact Jill Griffis to find out about available sponsorship opportunities.