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Wisconsin Basecamp

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New Student Wilderness Orientation Trip

Hey, new Badgers! Join us on a summer wilderness adventure that prepares you for campus life and connects you with a small community of other new students. Wisconsin Basecamp, a student-led orientation program, will challenge you in ways both obvious and unexpected.

Find your fit with either Basecamp Trips, by heading into the woods and under the stars, or with Basecamp Madison, exploring outdoor activities within the city and right on campus. Whichever you choose, you'll make new friends and grow in ways you never imagined possible.

Basecamp Madison

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Basecamp Trips

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Basecamp isn't just about getting out into nature. It's about finding your independence, getting to know people and addressing questions and concerns about life on campus, including:

  • Your New Home: Dorm life and the people you’ll meet
  • Academic Success: Balancing class with out of classroom opportunities
  • Managing Your Fears: Addressing worries and discussing possible solutions

Meet our Basecamp leaderslearn more and see what past participants have said about their Basecamp experience.



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