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Sarah Yoga 2018

Sarah is a student at UW-Madison, pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. If she's not on a yoga mat, you can usually find her outside: Sarah loves backpacking, camping, hiking, running, and paddleboarding. She is a big sister, avid reader, and self-proclaimed doughnut enthusiast.

Sarah began teaching yoga almost five years ago, and has been a student of the practice for six years. She was trained and mentored as a yoga and Pilates instructor through UW-Madison Division of Recreational Sports in 2013, and for three years helped train and mentor new instructors through the same program. She is currently pursuing a certificate in Pilates Instruction through UW-Madison’s Dance Department.

In addition to teaching students, staff, and community members on campus, Sarah also volunteers as a yoga teacher at Emerson Elementary School. Teaching mindfulness to youngsters has made her passionate about drawing out the playful and curious side of our yoga practice in every class she teaches, no matter participants' ages or experience levels.

Sarah fell in love with SUP yoga four years ago, the very first time she tried it! Practicing yoga on a SUP board makes the challenge of staying present in your practice so much more tangible: if you aren’t in the moment, you are in the water!

In 2016, Sarah attended Gillian Gibree’s Standup Paddleboard Training in San Diego, and received her Level 1 WPA and SUP Yoga certifications. With two full years of SUP Yoga teaching experience behind her right here at the Terrace, Sarah is excited to continue presenting fun, safe, all-levels SUP yoga classes to yogis here in Madison.

Whether you are rolling out your mat on the Terrace or hopping on a paddleboard, you will find the empowerment and peace that comes with practicing outdoors. We hope you’ll join us for some Mendota meditation, some paddleboard warriors, and a Savasana under the sun!



Eva Yoga 2018

Eva just finished her third year at UW-Madison and is studying Business Marketing and MHR. Along with her business focus, she is also perusing a certificate in Studio Art and Graphic Design to make sure she stays creative and inspired! She has a passion for all arts including visual arts, music, and dance. Eva grew up studying and classically training in ballet, and has now transitioned her love for movement into her yoga practice; she believes yoga can be a creative art practice too!

Although she has been taking classes since she was young, Eva began focusing on her yoga practice 4 years ago and this Spring was her 2 year anniversary of teaching! She received her Mind-Body certification through Recreational Sports at UW-Madison in 2016 and has been teaching classes through their Group Fitness program. She also spent a summer teaching restorative Hatha yoga and private yoga lessons at a boutique studio in her hometown.

This will be Eva’s second summer teaching SUP yoga, so she is excited to be getting back on the water. Her favorite thing about SUP is the excitement and adventurous attitude of participants. She continues to discover the special challenges and focus it takes to stay centered on top of the rolling waves and the benefits of moving outdoors and on the water.

She loves spending time at the Terrace and out on the water and is looking forward to starting her mornings out with the sunrise, yoga, and all of you!



Kelsey Yoga 2018

As a long-time practitioner of yoga and Pilates, Kelsey unearthed her passion for teaching movement practices while studying Psychology and Neuroscience at UW-Madison. Kelsey became an instructor for UW Rec Sports in 2010 and has been wholeheartedly dedicated to her work as an instructor and practitioner ever since.

Now, as a certified instructor of both yoga and Pilates, Kelsey has continued to expand her reach and experience of teaching and deepen her practice and training. She believes the work of yoga and Pilates have the power to change an individual’s experience of their body from the inside out, and offers an incredible peace of mind. Both practices can also enhance any exercise or movement program, offering more balanced and functional movement overall.

Kelsey hopes to empower others to cultivate a better awareness of the strength, power, and potential of their own physical body and mind. Kelsey strives to educate and enable participants through challenging sequences, but offers an accessible practice to any level of experience. Her classes aim to offer each participant an opportunity to find connection and control within their own bodies, and a confidence to revisit the mat again and again.



Yoga MeganMegan was first introduced to yoga when a friend in her hometown community was offering free outdoor yoga classes all summer about 7 years ago. She fell in love with the compassion and generosity that the instructor exhibited during class and has been practicing yoga ever since! About 3 years ago, Megan started instructing Yoga and Pilates through the Division of Recreational Sports right here on campus.

In Megan's free time you can find her hammocking, standup paddleboarding on Lake Mendota, biking, climbing, or spending time with friends at the Terrace. She studied Psychology at UW Madison and graduated December of 2017! Future education plans might include either Public Health or Organizational Psychology.

Megan also teaches Sunrise Yoga at Allen Centennial Gardens this summer and is most excited about getting the opportunity to teach is different environments, from gardens to paddleboards on Lake Mendota! 



Paulina Yoga 2018

Paulina is an international student from Mexico City. Growing up in Mexico and visiting her mother’s family in Wisconsin every summer helped her become bilingual in Spanish and English. She was drawn to Madison because of its beautiful surrounding lakes, bike trails, and the small city feel.

During her first year in Madison, she took her first yoga class and fell in love. “Not only does it challenge your physical and mental discipline, but it makes you calmer and more grounded.” After furthering her practice for a few years, she became certified as a Mind-Body instructor through the UW Division of Recreational Sports and has been teaching ever since.

For Paulina, being a yoga instructor is more than just a job, it means she gets to share one of the biggest parts of who she is. She loves being able to help other yogis improve their practice by sharing compassion, patience, self-acceptance, and self-love. Her favorite part of being an instructor is helping participants leave class feeling better than they did before it started. Sometimes, the hardest part of yoga is making it to class.

Besides yoga, Paulina likes to be outside in the sun: biking, swimming, and exploring different spots around town (especially when it comes to trying new food!) In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, painting, and playing the piano.

This is Paulina’s first year teaching SUP yoga. She is eager to learn and grow, both as an instructor and as a student. She believes that she can learn just as much from her participants as they learn from her. Come join Paulina for some yoga under the sun and in the water! She will have just as much fun and might even fall in more than you.