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Group Leader Needs and Goals Assessment

The staff at Outdoor UW want to create a quality program for you. In order to get the most out of your short time with us, we need your valuable experience and knowledge of the group. By working closely together and sharing information, your group and our staff can create a great adventure learning experience.

The Outdoor UW Group Rentals program aims to cater to your group’s specific needs and provide useful options you may want to consider.

Possible program themes you may want to incorporate into your paddle include the following:


Purpose: To break down inhibitions and encourage open relations between people

  • To get to know each other, establish commonalities, & have fun in a social setting
  • To develop communication and expression skills through games and activities with props and tools

team Building

Purpose: To develop beneficial cooperative skills

  • To accept and tackle a challenge that requires cooperation from all team members
  • To encourage trust, communication and interdependence between team members

Problem Solving

Purpose: To encourage active approaches to resolving conflicts and overcoming challenges
(typically takes 2 hours)

  • To encourage initiative, motivation, and persistence with multiple approaches to solve problems efficiency

Outdoor Education

Purpose: To gain experience with outdoor skills and to be exposed to experiential learning curriculum

  • To enjoy and appreciate the outdoor environment through hands on experiences and reflection
  • To develop awareness about outdoor ethics, ecological relationships and natural sciences

Please be as thorough in answering the following questions as possible to ensure the best group rental experience.

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