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Private and Group Experiences

Private and group experiences are available from 7:00 AM – 11:30 AM and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please complete this private/group rental request form or call our office at (608) 262-1630 as far in advance as possible to discuss group rentals. See below for general group pricing and for facilitated group activities. 



Group Size
Cost Per Hour
Per Adult (18+)
Cost Per Hour
Per Youth (10-17)*
1 $23 $23
2 $20 $18
3 $17 $15
4 $16 $13
5-24 (max) $15 $12

*We require 2 adult supervisors to be present for the duration of a youth group of 5 or more. Any youth ages 10-17 who participate in yoga should be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

  • We request that reservations be made at least 7 days in advance to ensure instructor/equipment availability (accommodations within 7 days may be possible).
  • All reservations require a 50% deposit.
  • Full payment must be made at the time of the rental.
  • Cancellations (made 24 hours in advance) will result in a credit with Outdoor UW in the amount of the 50% deposit.
  • In the case of inclement weather on the day of your reservation, our Paddling Coordinator will contact you to reschedule your reservation.


If your group is new to paddling, wonders what to wear, or isn't sure what bring and what to leave at home, check out our FAQs, policies and forms (to print waivers and agreements).

Facilitated Group Experiences

Group Paddleboarding on the Mega SUP

SUP Squatch adventures

Rent our new mega-SUP, the SUP Squatch, and enjoy the follies associated with paddling this behemoth. Work as a team to propel and steer the SUP Squatch or find out that maybe you need some team building exercises! Either way, this monster inflatable SUP is sure to be a memorable adventure on Lake Mendota.

Cost: $40/hr
Time: 1 hour rental increments
Prior Experience/Number of People Required: 
Strong paddling skills: 3 adults minimum.
Basic paddling skills: 4-8 adults is recommended. 
Groups with minors should account for them as passengers and not active paddlers.
Maximum number of people on the mega-SUP is 8.

Casual Group Paddling

serene paddling

Looking to just go out with some friends, family or colleagues on a private excursion? Normally our rentals are first-come, first-serve—so the option of going out with your group of friends is not always available. With a group reservation, you can ensure that you have the equipment you need at the time you want it.

Cost: $16-$24 per person/per hour
Time: 1-4 hours (7am–noon)
Prior Experience: Basic paddling

Learn to Paddle

Learn a new skill

New to paddling and looking for some help getting started? Either privately or with friends, family or colleagues, go out and receive personalized paddling lessons in all of our crafts. We’ll teach you basic strokes, balance techniques, and help you feel more comfortable going paddling again in the future!

Cost: $16-$24 per person/per hour
Time: 1-4 hours (7am–noon)
Prior Experience: No prior experience 

Private Yoga Experience

Individualized yoga session

Want an individualized yoga experience or looking to do a private yoga session with your friends, family, or colleagues? With private yoga experience, you decide who you want in your class and what you’d like to practice. We can fit our practice to your needs!

Cost: $16-$24 per person/per hour
Time: 1-2 hours (7am–noon)
Prior Experience: No prior experience

SUP Yoga

Yoga on stand-up paddleboards

This activity takes the fundamentals of yoga and applies them on stand-up paddleboards just off of the shoreline. Paddleboards are anchored to prevent boards from drifting away. This activity can be a challenging new experience for beginners and a rewarding practice for those who incorporate it consistently in their lives! Participants may or may not get wet during this activity.

Cost: $14 per person
Time: 1 hour (Thursdays - 7:15 AM; Saturdays & Sundays - 8:30 AM)
Prior Experience: No prior experience

Terrace Yoga

outdoor yoga with an unbelievable view

Terrace yoga happens on various locations at Memorial Union, ranging from the windsurfing pier to the upper deck of the theater (for great views). Yoga mats are available for rent and purchase in the Outdoor UW office. This activity has flexibility to cater to beginners as well as those who are more advanced in their practice!

Cost: $7 per person
Time: 1 hours (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays - 7 AM; Saturdays & Sundays - 9 AM)
Prior Experience: No prior experience