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Get Involved

Our staff is highly knowledgeable, well-trained, and customer-focused. We are dedicated to making sure your experience with our equipment, instruction, and facilities keeps you coming back.

Hoofer leadership positions are available on a seasonal basis as each club cycles their executive board at different times of the year. For more information about Wisconsin Hoofers, available leadership positions, and becoming a leader, contact vpadmin@hoofers.org.

We are hiring!

Applications for 2017 positions are now open. Please contact the supervisors via their email below to be notified when applications go live and with any questions. 

Outdoor UW

Operations Staff
The Outdoor UW front office is the hub for rentals and the gateway for the six Wisconsin Hoofer clubs. Staff members will promote effective communication and assist in the efficient functioning of the Wisconsin Hoofers organization. Staff members will work with a variety of individuals (including professional staff, community members, and students) allowing staff to enhance their communication skills. As a multi-faceted and dynamic position, students will gain office experience and spend time in the outdoors. Overall, this position develops skills that are universally applicable in career development and all work settings. Email ouwmanager@union.wisc.edu to learn more or apply HERE. Applications open until positions are filled.

Yoga Instructor
The Terrace Yoga Program is looking for enthusiastic yoga teachers who are passionate about experiencing yoga outdoors! Our instructors lead multiple hour-long yoga classes on the Terrace and on SUP boards each week, integrating strength, balance, and flexibility into a fresh-air, outdoor practice (with a lakefront view that can’t be beat!). You do not need previous experience in SUP yoga to apply; instructors receive a comprehensive training in lake safety and paddleboarding technique, and will learn to craft safe and fun SUP yoga classes for all levels of experience. Email terraceyoga@union.wisc.edu to learn more or apply HERE. Applications accepted until the positions are filled.

Wisconsin Hoofers

Hoofer Shop Staff
The Hoofer Shop fixes boats, piers, engines, and sails, using a variety of techniques, such as fiber-glassing, gel coating, welding, and more. While you do not need to have experience with these methods, you should be interested and ready to learn! Email shop@hoofersailing.org to learn more.

Hoofer Sailing Club Instructor
Spend your summers on our beautiful Lake Mendota teaching sailing! The Hoofer Sailing Club is hiring talented sailors to join our team of instructors for the year. Positions will be filled for spring, summer and fall seasons. Hours are flexible week to week and pay is competitive. This is the best job in Madison; don't miss out! Email headofinstruction@hoofersailing.org to learn more.

Hoofer Riding Club Instructor
Love horses and enjoy teaching? Apply to be a Hoofer Riding instructor. Hours are flexible and instructors get to work with great horses in a fun program! Email bettencourt@wisc.edu for more information.

Hoofer Riding Club Camp Counselor
Love horses and enjoy teaching children? Apply to be a Hoofer Riding camp counselor! There are 5 weeks of camp, with every weekend off--sure to be lots of fun! Email ridingyouth@hoofers.org for more information.

Wisconsin Basecamp

Trip Leader
Get paid to lead backpacking and canoeing trips with new Badgers this summer! We are looking for active Badgers who are interested in leading 5-day wilderness orientation trips for incoming students this summer. Are you involved on campus? Do you like mentoring new students? Do you have outdoor leading experience? This may be the perfect fit for you! Leaders will lead 3 to 4 trips during July and August. Applications are due February 15th. Download this editable PDF or Word doc and email julie.brown@wisc.edu your completed applications or to learn more.