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String Art Instructions

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We created this art kit for people who enjoy making something with their hands and want to have a piece that stands out a bit from their wall. This kit comes with all the basic materials for making the project and involves painting, choosing an image, hammering nails, creating your own design with string, and displaying your awesome work! This kit does not have to hang on the wall and is also able to be free standing on a flat surface.

Supplies Needed:

  1. A solid-ish work station
  2. Your Wheelhouse Studios String Art Kit


  1. Unpack your kit and paint your board if you want to. Make sure to let it completely dry.
  2. Secure your image to the board with a nail on opposite corners of the image. **MAKE SURE that your image is right side up for how you plan to hang/display your work. (check the back)
  3. Tape nails onto outside line of the image. Start from the interior of the image and work your way out. This will help to hold onto the nails. You'll want to drive the nails roughly a 1/4 inch into the piece. Make sure to place nails on points and in corners of image.
  4. Remove the paper from your panel.
  5. Tie the string onto one corner nail and outline the image with string going on the inside and outside as needed to create the shape.
  6. Weave the string back and forth, moving up and down the sides of the image filling it's center with string.
  7. Tie the string off on a nail when you're finished and enjoy your work! You can hang this piece on the wall or use the included stick to have it stand on its own!
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