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William Basinski w/ Emily Sprague

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In “On Time Out of Time,” (2017) avant-garde composer William Basinski uses exclusive recordings from LIGO’s interferometers — the fantastic machines that captured the signal — to create a visceral experience of inconceivable magnitudes. In his continued musical exploration of the temporal mysteries of nature, and with his signature mastery of extended processes of entropic decay, Basinski’s piece navigates the 1.3 billion-year gradual disintegration of these trailblazing waves as they journey to Earth, after detonating with the colossal violence of their cosmic conception. Stretching and lagging the sonified samples, the sound cascades outwards, becoming increasingly musical through the addition of subtle melodies, synthesizers, and loops, meticulously assembled in an all-embracing drone composition that succeeds in the impossible: to unveil Time in her most exotic guise — as an outlandishly curvaceous, pliant, and irrepressibly animate component of the universe.

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