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Wellness with Wheelhouse: Meditative Drawing Techniques

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Wellness with Wheelhouse: Meditative Drawing Techniques

Presented by Wheelhouse Studios - UW's Art Studio

Mindful drawing is an embodied practice. In other words: bring yourself (your mind and your body) to the present moment and get immersed in the act of drawing without doing anything else simultaneously.

Join Wheelhouse Studios Programming staff members Taylor Franklin and Alanna Stapleton in a live video workshop to engage in simple creative meditation exercises. They will walk you through two easy, calming drawing methods that can help you manage stress and anxiety during this uncertain time. This session is open to any UW staff member, no art experience or skill required.

Registration is required and participants will receive Blackboard meeting information by email prior to the event.

Materials needed:

  • Piece of paper
  • Flat surface
  • Drawing utensil

The mindful drawing exercises introduced in this session will help you to:

  • Improve your attention and ability to focus
  • Cultivate mindfulness
  • Calm your mind and reduce anxiety
  • Express yourself and unlock your creativity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce risk for stroke and heart attack
  • Create beautiful doodles and patterns even if you have zero drawing skills.

This Wellness with Wheelhouse event is intended for UW-Madison faculty and staff and is also open to the UW-Madison UW-Madison students.

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