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  1. On Video Age’s forthcoming albumPop Therapy, out June 15 via Inflated Records, longtime friends andsongwriting partners Ross Farbe and Ray Micarelli conjure up a thrilling assortment of experimental pop songs.Using a palette of vintage synthesizers and the propulsion of a Sequential Circuits Drumtraks drum machine,the New Orleans-based group’s buoyant synth-pop echoes from some imagined vision of the past, leaning onan invented nostalgia to soundtrack an ideal future that never arrived. Video Age brings that future fully to lifeonPop Therapy.Emerging from New Orleans’ DIY scene and label collectives, Farbe and Micarelli were intrigued by eachother’s songwriting among several curiously satisfying guitar pop bands. As a producer and prolific engineer,Farbe has helmed some of the most excitingreleases from genre-pushing New Orleans artists, whose singularvisions are made possible with his gifted ear and love of tape recording. Micarelli’s talent for crafting simple,tangible melodies complements Farbe’s studio world-building, letting ideas drift until they emerge intoimpressive arrangements.The pair’s seemingly effortless gift for crafting earworm hooks was glimpsed on their 2016 debutLiving Alone,a gorgeous collection of guitar-driven melancholy. OnPop Therapy, they’re joined by DuncanTroast, NickCorson and Jordan Odom, taking inspiration from the limitless possibility on sonic canvases of the late 1970sand early 1980s (Yellow Magic Orchestra,McCartney II, Donald Fagen’sThe Nightfly). WhereLiving Alonecatalogued the solitude of reflecting on what was and could have been, the sentimental love songs onPopTherapygaze longingly at the likeliness of a brighter tomorrow.
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