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Vagabon w/ Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

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Vagabon, the moniker for multi-instrumentalist, Lætitia Tamko, was born in late 2014 during her final years of engineering school. Currently living in New York City via Cameroon, Tamko’s cultural duality and engineering background informs her inspirations as a musician and a producer. Blending elements of west and east African music from her childhood with punk as well as electronic leaning instrumentation, Vagabon songs vary in themes and genre.

In November 2014, Tamko self-released an EP, “Persian Garden”, a collection of the first songs she had ever written. “Persian Garden” caught the attention of a larger than imagined audience which led Vagabon to a couple of U.S tours and several Northeast tours.

Tamko recently finished recording her debut album Infinite Worlds, where she is the writer, co-producer and main performer of all instruments.

Enjoy the artistically constructed music video of "Embers" from Infinite Worlds:


Chicagoan multi-instrumentalist and genre bender Nnamdi Ogbonnaya will be opening for the show. Check his latest release now:

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