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UniMadEx: A UW-Madison Experimental Film Event

A collection of experimental film/video work from students, alumni, and faculty of UW Madison!

Experimental film line up:
1. Artist Working by Rebecca Kautz, MFA, (2018)
2. I Have Intimacy Issues by Amy Cannestra
3. Paper Lake by Maggie Snyder
4. Seep by Noah Huber BFA Class of 2017
5. "Tote that barge!/ Life that bale!/ birthday renaissance by Mike Lind, Art History B.A. and Fine Arts B.F.A., Class of 2017
6. A Short Piece about Peace by Hamidreza Nassiri, PhD student in Film
7. Schism by Zheng Xu B.A., Class of 2017 and Joyce Wu B.A., Class of 2016
8. Loving You To Death by Simone and Max B.S/B.A.
9. Always by Stephen Hilyard, Professor of Digital Arts
10. View From a Window by Will Doty
11. À Propos de Notre Négligence (About Our Neglect) by Christian Memmo B.A., 2nd Year Undergraduate
12. Goblin Market by Ariel Gochberg M.F.A candidate, Class of 2018
13. Playboy by Kira Broadnax B.A., Class of 2017

General content warning: This program contains some graphic descriptions and imagery of animal violence, pouring blood, depictions of repeatedly gagging and spitting up food, and flashing lights.

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