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Volcanic Planet with Peter Rowe

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An exploration of volcanoes around the world by adventure Filmmaker Peter Rowe, producer of Travel Channel's popular Angry Planet Series. Rowe climbs and films 19 volcanoes around the world, from Iceland to the Congo, Italy to Indonesia, Guatemala to Vanuatu, interacting with the people who live and work near these extreme forces of nature. Rowe has directed numerous documentaries taking place in over 40 countries.

Pre-screening Buffet (tickets required)

Mobay Carr Valley Grape Vine Ash Cheese and Cracker
Lava Balls (Cherry Meatballs)
Dormant Watermelon feta, serrano chili vinaigrette
Lava and Ash Soup (Tomato Basil)
Blackened Squash (spiced squashed w/ feta and fresh herbs)
Explosive Coconut Rice
Volcanic Vegetables (seasonal veg)
Green Beans with lava sticks (red pepper)
Ring of Fire Chicken (Fire braised chicken)
Fire Roasted Pork
Volcano Stew (Vegetarian Stew)
Churros with Lava Sauce
Fudge Bottom Pie
Coffee, Tea, Decaf, Milk
Cash Beer, Wine and Soda Bar

MUSIC LINKS, NEWS, REVIEWS, & MORE: Film trailer, National Geographic Volcanos Gallery, Scientific American on Volcanos, Wikipedia on Volcanos, Angry Planet on Indonesia

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