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Travel Adventure Film - China: Beyond the Great Wall

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China: Beyond the Great Wall

Karin Muller Firelight Productions

For three months, adventure filmmaker and author Karin Muller traveled alone throughout China - living with Tibetan nomadic yak herders, Mongolian wrestlers, and Buddhist warrior monks. Through the eyes of businessmen and farmers, domestic workers and line-dancing matriarchs, Karin documented China’s extraordinary social, economic, and political transformation - and some of unintended consequences: China’s massive urban migration, ghost cities, and fake iPhone markets. Muller was invited behind the scenes of a traveling opera troop, professional cricket fights, and Shanghai’s dating market. She even stumbled upon China’s real-life Harry Potter.

China: Beyond the Great Wall explores the many faces of this vast and complicated land - and reveals the kindness and humanity of a people too often defined only by statistics and stereotypes.

Join us for the world premier of this film!


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