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Tacocat w/ Lisa Prank

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FREE Event!!
The Sett, Union South 
Wednesday, April 6th

In partnership with the LGBT Campus CenterWUD Music will be presenting a series of LGBTQ artists as part of Out & About Month, a month of events celebrating queer lives and experiences. Our first event welcomes Tacocat and Lisa Prank, two feminist and queer-identified acts from Seattle.



Tacocat is a group making art about experiences in which gender is both foregrounded and neutralized. This isn’t lady stuff, it’s people stuff. It’s normal. It’s nothing and everything. It’s life. The four actual best friends—Emily Nokes (vocals, tambourine), Eric Randall (guitar), Lelah Maupin (drums), and Bree McKenna (bass)—came together in their teens and early baby twenties and coalesced into a band eight years ago, and you can feel that they’ve built both their lives, and their sound, together. Hanging out with Tacocat and listening to Tacocat are remarkably similar experiences, like the best party you’ve ever been to, where, instead of jostling for social position, everyone just wants to eat candy and talk about Sassy Magazine, sci-fi, cultural dynamic shifts, and bad experiences with men. Tacocat makes fun, funny, unselfconscious pop songs about the shit they’re genuinely obsessing or groaning over: Plan B, night swimming, high school horse girls (“they know the different breeds of all their favorite steeds!”), the bridge-and-tunnel bros who turn their neighborhood into a toilet every weekend. And, eight years in, Tacocat have built something bigger than themselves. They’ve fostered a feminist punk scene in Seattle so fertile it’s going national and rendering the notion of the “girl band” even more laughable than it already was. There are no “girl bands” in Seattle anymore. There are just bands and everyone else. “Women” Nokes jokes. “They’re just like us!”
–Lindy West 

Lisa Prank


Lisa Prank is an American pop punk outfit currently based in Seattle, Washington, United States consisting of sole founding member Robin Edwards, who performs live with an electric guitar and aRoland MC-505 drum machine. Edwards started the band based out of her hometown of Denver, Colorado. The years of touring experience in her previous band Lust-Cats of the Gutters led to her speedy relevance and nationwide recognition in the feminist and queer music community. Her debut release "Crush on the World" was met with national praise from female-friendly punk rock publications. In 2014, Vice Magazine described her song "Crush on the World" positively: "Lisa’s lyrics succinctly communicate my feelings about every relationship I’ve ever had." The dominant local weekly newspaper the Stranger has called Lisa Prank "lo-fidelity fireball."

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