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Strategy Board Games Night

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When: December 8, 2017, Friday, 7:00PM-10:00PM

Where: Memorial Union, TITU

Hosted By: Asian Strategy Board Games Club and Global Connections Committee

The Strategy Board Games Night is a good opportunity to learn some background on classic Asian strategy board games, to try and practice playing them, and to meet new people and have fun! 

Schedule for the night:
Introduce the history and culture behind three types of Asian strategy board games: Go-game, Chinese Chess and Mahjong. Then we will talk about the development of the games in MODERN SOCIETY and in the INTERNET AGE before we teach the basic rules of each board game. 

Other strategy board game clubs or chess clubs on the campus will introduce their board games from other areas of the world

For the remaining time, all of the board games will be provided for you and your friends to try out! Games include Go game, Chinese chess, Five-pieces-in-a-row, Mahjong, Chinese Checkers, Flight chess, Military Chess and more. 

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