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Soy Cuba (I am Cuba) (1964)

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Soviet Union/Cuba | 141 min. | NR | 35mm | Dir. Mikhail Kalatozov

It's 1964, and the world is embroiled in the cold war, but it's not only the capitalist West making propaganda films! Brought to American audiences in the mid '90s by Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, Soy Cuba (I am Cuba) is a Soviet/Cuban co-production both about Yankee extravagance and the proletariat, student led, revolution that fought back at it. Apparently disliked by Russians and Cubans alike, Mikhail Kalatozov's (The Cranes are Flying) film is remembered for it's over the top, wild, visual sensibility. Rich with poetry and beautiful images of 1960s Cuba, Soy Cuba is a must-see for anyone with a taste for the strange and the revolutionary. 

Come see UW Madison professor/Artist Faisal Abdu'Allah speak before the film! Isthmus 

"...a wildly schizophrenic celebration of Communist kitsch, mixing Slavic solemnity with Latin sensuality...It will change your view of cinema forever!" (Milestone Films) 
"Undeniably monstrous and breathtakingly beautiful, ridiculous and awe inspiring, I Am Cuba confounds so many usual yardsticks of judgment that any kind of star rating becomes inadequate...Worth seeing? Has redeeming facet? Worthless? It fits all and none of these categories. To put it simply, the world doesn't make allowances for a freak of this kind." (Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Chicago Reader)

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