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Social Justice Series: Stigmas on Sexuality

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"Sexual Education & the Involvement of Social Justice in Eradicating Stigmas Revolving Sexuality" with Mahima Bhattar.

Join us in our Social Justice Series: Speaker Event with Mahima Bhattar from Sex Out Loud to learn about sexual education and how the organization uses social justice to eradicate stigmas about sexuality. Sex Out Loud is UW Madison's Peer to Peer sexual health resource. They promote healthy sexuality through sexual education programming, safer sex supply distribution, peer-to-peer counseling, and much more. In all their services they work towards a mission of de-stigmatization and inclusivity. Sex Out Loud hopes to continue adapting their services to fit the needs of our campus and use a social justice lens to do so. By incorporating social justice in their work, they are able to continuously strive to better the campus climate in terms of sex, sexuality, and consent.

The event will be in Union South. Free snacks will be provided. The Wisconsin Union Directorate Global Connections Committee is a fun and engaging organization open to any UW student. We strive to foster awareness of global issues and interests in various cultures and strive to close the understanding gap between people of different cultures and identities through our various programs.

WUD Global Connections offers the opportunity to build long-lasting friendships and connections on campus (and beyond!), as we bridge the gap between domestic and international members of our campus community.


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