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Psychedelics: A New Understanding

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The University of Wisconsin - Madison has been conducting research into the benifits of taking psilocybin, an active ingredient in "magic mushrooms." Though technicaly an illegal substance, this drug has been used to help treat people for a variety of ailments.

A panel will be speaking about the UW Psilocybin Study and what the future of this incredible on-campus research looks like. Sitting on the panel will be Study Guides Karen Cooper and Dan Muller and Study Volunteers Geoff Gilpin, Steve Elfrink, Mazdak Bradberry, Diane Pasley, and Chip Brown. Dr. Nicholas Cozzi will moderate the panel. 

Following the panel we will be screening "A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin" and having a Q&A session afterwards with Executive Producer Robert J. Barnhart. This film explores the history and cultural impact of MDMA, highlighting its medical role in the treatment of PTSD and advocating harm reduction as a practical alternative to three decades of failed efforts at prohibition.

UW Psilocybin Study Panel

A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin
followde by Q&A

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