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Peter Mulvey w/ Corey Mathew Hart

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SILVER LADDER is an auditory shot in the arm from veteran touring songwriter
Peter Mulvey. Produced by the indomitable Chuck Prophet, it is a lean, muscular
collection of tightly constructed songs, leavening Mulvey’s tendency toward
ruminative and yearning acoustic songs with a dose of sharp-witted, punchy rock
and roll.
After a turbulent stretch in his personal life left him at sea, Mulvey decided to
write his way out of it: “I've been through it. I bet you have too,” he said, “but
there are times in life when you turn a corner and suddenly everything is simple:
let's make some songs, people! Let's play!” Committing to writing one song a
week relieved him of the precious, self-involved artist’s question, What Do I Have
To Say? The songs came flooding out over the weeks and months, and within a
year he had more than enough for a new record.
Reaching out to Chuck Prophet was meant to continue shaking himself loose.
The two had met only once, at a gig. After Prophet agreed to produce, Peter flew
to Los Angeles to meet the band of complete strangers Chuck had assembled,
and within hours they were tracking tunes. David Kemper, veteran of five years
on the road and in the studio with Bob Dylan, made up the rhythm section with
Tom Freund (Ben Harper) on upright bass. Chuck and his Mission Express
guitarist James DePrato provided the electric guitar fireworks, and Sara Watkins
(Nickel Creek) supplied touches of harmony vocal and violin. Aidan Hawken
(Highwater Rising, The Quiet Kind) provided textures unheard on Mulvey’s past
fifteen records: celeste, Chamberlin, Mellotron. The great East Coast torch singer
Anita Suhanin lent her voice to a heartbreaking duet.
From its first track, SILVER LADDER brims with confidence and grit. From the
unapologetic rock of “Sympathies” to the starkly beautiful “What Else Was It?”,
from the conspiratorial swagger of “Lies You Forgot You Told” to the joyous
release of “Back in the Wind”, SILVER LADDER is the work of an artist in his
prime. After nine sharp songs, the record ends with a vigorous left turn: the
swampy groove of “Copenhagen Airport” at first seems to be an instrumental,
until its simple two-line lyric delivers a universal jolt of recognition. Then
vertiginous sweep of “If You Shoot at a King You Must Kill Him” is offset by the
concise, piercing coda, “Landfall”.
SILVER LADDER is an artistic rebirth for Mulvey, the work of an artist who has
discovered his inner rock-and-roller, a man who has been through the eye of the
needle and come through it with a haul of songs to spark and encourage his
fellow humans.



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