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On the Issues- Economic Policy

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Society & Politics is striving to engage the University of Wisconsin student body during this upcoming election season by hosting a series of non-partisan discussions surrounding select issues that are relevant in the political landscape of today. The series will involve university departments and create Wisconsin faculty panels that can better explain some of the complex issues and stances that are being debated today. Through this series, Society & Politics hopes to equip students with the background to make their own educated decisions and work toward the Wisconsin Idea. We want all students to be prepared to vote on November 8th.

This panel discussion will be on Economic Policy, comprising of a panel of Wisconsin faculty Timothy Smeeding, Steven Durlauf, Howard Schweber, and Noah Williams. The professors will talk about various economic policy issues facing the next president, such as international trade deals, the governmental budget, student loans, and poverty in the U.S. The panel discussion will be followed by a short Q&A session.

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