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Music for Mental Health: Sorority Noise w/ Free Throw and Ratboys

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WUD Music Presents:
Featuring Sorority Noise w/ Free Throw and Ratboys

This is a special event put together by WUD Music to raise awareness of mental illness and addiction on campus and showcase the potential of live music and entertainment to offer community and support for students, musicians, and fans alike. Creating safe spaces to talk about these issues is very important to this band. They'll be joined at The Sett by representatives from on-campus student organizations to spread awareness of the mental health resources available here on campus.

Prior to this show, Comedian Aparna Nancherla will be performing in the Play Circle from 7-9pm - also around the theme of mental health. 

This is a FREE show.

Sorority Noise 

“I don’t want to be in an emo band anymore,” proclaims SORORITY NOISE frontman Cameron Boucher. “But I have no problem with people calling us that, because in the strictest of senses, we are an emotionally driven band.”

2015's Joy, Departed is more than just the best iteration of Sorority Noise to date; the album also marks a creative shift for Boucher, who draws musical influence from a diverse crop of acts spanning Regina Spektor and jazz trumpeter Chet Baker to The Smiths and Broken Social Scene—and previously spent time fronting screamo band Old Gray. In some ways, the singer says he approached the creative process like writing his very first album.

Outside of pure proficiency, one of the more gripping elements of Sorority Noise's musical direction is the band’s willingness to speak of personal hardships, including the often-taboo topic of addiction on songs like "Using" and the heart-wrenching album-closer “When I See You (Timberwolf).”

"There’s so many people having drug problems—and a lot of bands who play it safe and don’t want to talk about it,” Boucher explains. “I think it’s important to be shown in modern music. I like to be honest about my past and talk about things that have had me down. As a lyricist, you are responsible for the people who care about your music.”


FREE THROW (Nashville emo)

RATBOYS (Chicago Indie-rock)

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